das Resümee

Oke, i’m a electrical engineering stud

terlalu banyak persamaan, hukum, komplikasi turunan dan integral yang entah bagaimana bisa terhubung.

so i will try to read again ,comprehend what the book trying to say, with their complicated, not-plain english.

maybe in this writing, there are my opinion, so because we, lack of perfection organism, my guess can be wrong.

end (for now)

Part one.
Oersted demonstrated connection between electricity and magnetism.
Ampere gave mathematical explanation to this effect.
Faraday discovered the reverse effect: relationship between magnetic
and electric fields. ( how to use magnetism to induce electricity)
Maxwell (using mechanical model: balls, springs, hooks . . . etc.)
found mathematical equations to describe Faraday’s idea.
Oliver Heaviside reformulated twelve (12) Maxwell’s equations
to the modern four (4) equations.
Hertz discovered Maxwell’s electro- magnetic waves and . . .
he wrote that . . . EM waves cannot be put into practice.
But . . . . .
Morse created the telegraph and Morse Code.
Bell is often credited as theinventorof thetelephone.
Marconi developed the first effective system of radio.
. . . etc . . . .
Part two.
Maxwell’s EM theory was theory about waves.
It said nothing about particles.
It was Lorentz who introduced particle-electron in Maxwell theory.
And it was Einstein who developed and leaded Maxwell / Lorentz
EM theory into the “forest / jungles” of SRT.
Part three.
Planck united together long and short wavelengths and said that
this unity is possible if they ( long waves and short waves) have
something common. The common is – quantum, quantum of action.
De Broglie decided vice versa:
quantum discrete particle can be as a wave – as a “pilot-wave”.
Later SRT + QT created conditions for modern technological progress.