drink a tea like a wine : climate (2)

i am an Indonesian and our land have 2 season changes, hot and rainy seasons.  Sometimes when we in dry or hot season, a heavy rain was happened and when in rainy season, not always rain but there was (so much) nice hot days too. Our country live in balance. We don’t suffer more like people with it’s four seasons. So i don’t think to much when we talk about seasons.

but recently, i woke up in midnight and always heard sound of a heavy rain is pouring our home. And it’s happened almost everyday. It’s weird. Sounds like the nature have it’s schedule. and they committed with the midnight time. I always thought that rain have some irregular pattern. So why am i so sensitif with the rain pattern? 😂

so what make me write about it?

  • Today, i saw so many article talk about how are dangerous of climate changes. And it said that it’s more dangerous than a vampires, it’s interview article with an actor (ex-vampire actor). It’s make me think, i should realize that the earth not too welcoming lately. Heavy rain every night and morning, can drown some area.
  • I saw a US president election debate in tv, the viewer asked something about climate changes, it was the first time to me to listen it in election debate, because it’s always talk about economical, education or health plan.
  • I saw in TV, a Climate changes ministry, it’s funny to me, because i don’t realize that climate changes is something you should fight to survive. And they have department or ministry to it.
  • Of course we hear lately about disaster because of wrath of nature.
  • If you are One-Piece fans ( One piece is a manga), One of The Yonko (The Yonko are the four most notorious and most powerful pirate captains in the world, but are neither allies nor enemies of one another, preferring to remain autonomous under most circumstances) have an ability in control climates, and it’s some powerful an scarier abilities in one piece world


Indonesia have that climate changes departement


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