A moment with water plant seminar (2)

I should posting this right after the seminar, but i just forgot and here we are,  a posting of collecting mind. I attended the seminar, a month ago.
There are some special about this seminar, it’s a seminar sponsored by the province government followed by entrepreneurs, developers, province government elites, etc. How about me? Which one is me? No one, i just a student who get a free pass to this expensive seminar. Thank to my junior who get the free pass for me and 14 other peoples.

The seminar divided in two days. Half of the first days is about how government rules about build a pltm/h and the others plant and the rest of the days was about developer experiences in build a water plant.In second days was about assurances and academic roles in build a water plant.


it’s about government ambitious for electric supply national goals. not suprisingly that PLN employ more in the last 2 years.


Identify your province’s demand




need address?


talk about PLTMH ( medium water plant ), it’s talk about long business, but good


Sorry for the blurry pictures 😀


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