drink a tea like a wine : daily platform (2)


Good Morning

i just watched a news about a platform that can help you to decide what are you gonna eat for breakfast, lunch or dinner. the news didn’t tell me so specific about method they use, in my time in college, we used fuzzy method to do an estimation (fuzzy is one of the method). The founder was a ex-tired employee bank. In build this business, he couldn’t pay himself for 2,5 years. Now he can employ more than 200 peoples. The business is simple. The platform (maybe in smartphone, in the news didn’t tell us) do an estimation maybe with the input are given. If we okay with that. it’s will show us about the recipes, if you don’t have the ingredients, they can send them to us. So we saving some time to go to the market or supermarket.But only in UK.

and the second news about augmented reality. a youth from bandung found a augmented reality business. you can check it in https://www.octagonstudio.com/

We should develop our programming skill just to make your life more better, not just to build a company. if you can gain profit, it’s a bonuses. So many daily task, we can do in automation system. so let’s try from the little things.

1. Some of basic of programming that you should know is how to use “ms.excel things” properly, it’s not programming actually but more like a function. If you know the basic, it’s saving more time.

2. I had a nightmare with window 10, of course i had so many nice moment, but because of one moment, i really hate them. I had to clean my all data because of window updates was not compatible with my graphic drivers. i couldn’t get in to my window, neither my safe mode. i didn’t know why, maybe because dual os in my laptop made it complicated. So i had to install my os and what? I had more problem, my disk was not in gpt mode, so to install this window i should make my disk to gpt, i should clean my data to do that. Aarrgh, luckily, i had an external drives so i could save my little data and my film couldn’t be saved (my drives was full).

So i want to tell in this second, you should try to use linux os, something bad about linux, you should know more about terminal and it’s commands. First i felt that way, but actually using terminal is not bad at all, i’m starting to like it. If you are going to use this linux thing, know the basic will be make your linux’s day more happier, although is not a must.

3. You have planting’s hobby? If yes, if you know about arduino, you can build some automation system for irrigation, so if you are a busy man/woman, you still maintain your little leaf growth. also if you have a cute fish, it’s help you to maintain it’s eating schedule.

4. One of trending right now about automation is about smart home. Smarthome is combined from some of automation system.


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