nose cried(2)

hai long time no see, and my writing exercise still continue although there is some fishy happen here.. i am no longer update the blog regularly, i doubt there is someone out there will miss my writing and complain why this blog is so rotten without updates -_-

and still sorry for grammar fault -_- i am still bad me, still bad englisher

i joined a few groups, and tried share my time with them. try to learn other language in that groups.

two groups of literature forums (?), we post something in language-target-to-learn and the member that also native speaker give a revision or adjusting, repair for our posting and we as native of some language contribute to someone writing who want to learn our language. and so on. we give and take.

one group is about anti-bad behaviour forum, i am eastern, so shame feeling is one thing important to our live. too important.

thats the reasons…

let’s move on with nose cried, its something sentimental, you know, my nose was cry hard

as muslim fellow, as muslim beings we need to improve our routines pray better but i so much lack in them. 

  • If you are going to be a true believer, you should have confident in yourself.
  • If you are a confident people, it’ll make you spend of your time with improving, you don’t improve you’ll get shame.
  • In your improving, you’ll have no time to lie down thinking nothing, or spend time less for doing nothing
  • So take a list, make your schedule more better from just sit down like i doing now, i should do my blogging while i am eating my breakfast 😂 like such a busy man
  • And don’t do fap, it’s will ruin your day
  • Need to refreshing? Do a workout, go to someplace to refreshing, it’s just a lazy man doing, i think. Except you are a married peoples and need romantic place or with your kids to play around. How about mounteering or do something adventures? I prefer that, eventhough i never ever to that mounteering. Just hope one day. For me, refreshing is like you want to give a oxigen boost in your brain. Or take your head in the water and hold your breath as long as possible, hope it can refreshing your oxigen’s brain.
  • In taking improve thing, you need sleep early and wake up early, so there is not a late sleep anymore, because your remembering power will be amazing in the early morning, but you should fill your belly a litle, to avoid from hunger disraction come close to you. 
  • They said that the morning air is one of the best you shoulf have in your entire life. So take a deep breath.

It’s bs for today…

Note : bs is bullshitt, i get that from wa group chit chat.



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