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many draft failed to landing in this blog, and time is essensial to be wasted.

yesterday i attended a public lecture (i use google translate, its like a free seminar) in my campus. The lecture was about entrepreneurship. what make me interesting that i want to know how big influence of digital thing in entrepreneurship world. As engineer especially in electrical major, we learn so much about digital in our class because the world is going to digital thing, we should be a gateway keeper of digital world and make our agumon more stronger if the bad digimon appear -_-“. In electrical class, digital can mean ” 0 and 1 “. and with “0 and 1” thing is human bonding with machine (especially for automatic machines or robot).

so i feel something for digital thing, we have a bonding~ and i need agumon (because i dont have one).

to be continued

digital, entrepreneur and crowdsourcing. that are our keywords in that lecture. And example of that three words is ebay, airbnb, taxi-online service (like uber taxi) etc. the service providers (the entrepreneur) like ebay site and etc just provide a platform which can be accessed digitally (with internet help) and about the content will be filled by the crowds who have the resources of the buyer need (the seller). The profit can be made by the entrepreneur via the ads or profit sharing with the seller or etc

so be an entrepreneur not the hard thing to be as you think, because is not involve such much money in it anymore like the ages of the world still be an “analog”.  So Budi Putra was our speaker in the lecturer and said that don be afraid to be an entrepreneur, you should copy the spirit of succesfull man before you but not their paths, create your own path except you just want be their follower. be something not a statistic thing.

be an entrepreneur is actually gain profit from the crowd problems, we offer problem solver and they buy it, we gain money. so when you try to become an Crowdsourcing entrepreneur,

you need to define what the crowd or everybody you want to reach,

analyse the problems in the crowd groups,

search the best ways to reach them, if you are going searching digitally, can be in email groups (milis), facebook groups, linkedin etc,

define your call as clear as possible so can’t interpreted in the other ways. so take the time to make your call to the crowds, because they are the asset you have.

Give the deadline !

Give an appreciation like a bonus

so Crowdsourcing is

Crowdsourcing, a modern business term coined in 2005,[1] is defined by Merriam-Webster as the process of obtaining needed services, ideas, or content by soliciting contributions from a large group of people, especially an online community, rather than from employees or suppliers.[2][1] A portmanteau of crowd and outsourcing,[3][4] its more specific definitions are yet heavily debated.[5] This mode of sourcing is often used to divide work between participants,[6] and has a history of success prior to the digital age—”offline“.

By definition, crowdsourcing combines the efforts of numerous self-selected volunteers or part-time workers; each person’s contribution combines with those of others to achieve a cumulative result.

Crowdsourcing is distinguished from outsourcing in that the work can come from an undefined public (instead of being commissioned from a specific, named group) and in that crowdsourcing includes a mix of bottom-up and top-down processes.[7][8][9] Regarding the most significant advantages of using crowdsourcing the literature generally discussed costs, speed, quality, flexibility, scalability, and diversity.[10][11]




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