eat dougnut in a webinar

not big happened atleast in few days ago except my project with solidwork was starting run smoothly ( no error happen until now ), and i just experienced a webinar, my first one.

ooh i forget, this months is Ramadhan, so happy fasting….


its not a sweet dougnut

let permit me to tell a story about my webinar as a attendant at  a COMSOL webinar.

webinar is combination of web and seminar. its like you are going to watch video tutorial but in this webinar, they (the speaker and moderator) tried to be interactive with us (the viewer/the attendant) such as give us an option/polling about the section that you like hear first and there was a chat box if you wanted ask to the speaker. so its more than tutorial videos in youtube.

one of my regret when i attended this webinar was my lack of the indian english accent hearing. As one of third-world nations, india have significant deveploment in technology,not surprising if you find many videos about tech by indian and his/her english accent and make me down to earth to understand what they are trying to say.

but overall, video about comsol in youtube is a few. So this webinar is one of few great resources.







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