4-gear driver

be godspeed with you…

long time to meet you~

the door had been locked, the house fence was closed. and start the engine and pull the gas and start riding. shifting gear from one-two-three- and finally, the last gear.

4-gear driver, its max shifting gear if you are non-coupling motorcycle biker. first gear for accelerate the bike, full of torsion and make an initiative. and if you are in second gear, you are comfortable with track full of obstacle, the third, starting to without-obstacle zone and the last in freeway zone. and CMIIW

why i choose this topic? i am not the expert biker, because i started to try to bike alone, one year ago. and still newbie. I remember an unique ways to bike of my father. In 3-5 meters, he in the fourth gear still 20-30 km/h in speedometer. its not you are going to ride a superfast thing that can accelerate to mach 1 in one-minute, but just an standart japan motorcycle product. standart of speed, standart of price. fourth gear in 20-30 km/h in speedometer.

but the important thing is he always confident with his style in ride. whatever clumsy he is.





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