Sunday’s museum

story come along with the journey,

on the last sunday, i had marathon schedule in the morning with my cousins. i started to run from my house and i met with them in the planned-checkpoint. and we ran together 😀

the people tend to run or marathon around stadium GOR agus salim. we can get our endurance growth by compared the results in the same pattern (in this case, the track). the little time than before, it’s better. but if you are less-motivated people like me, thats boring. because of that, i tend to run in the street and the last checkpoint is the beach. the important thing is to have fun. the fun part is to sightseeing (see around the street town).

when after we got the last checkpoint (playing around the beach and breakfast), with our wet jogging pants and salty odor, we decided to visit Adhityawarman Museum. My last visit  when i was an elementary school student. i was contestant in drawing competition held by garuda indonesia. i think that’s the first and the last.

i hardly remember how was museum adhityawarman in my elementary school. And the last sunday, the time to recollection of  that memory.

the entrance ticket for adult is Rp.2000,00. its cheap. and also, we can relax in the park, its called melati park, before we get in to the museum. it’s not big park anyways but if you are have three childrens, they will satisfied running around the park.

like other traditional museum, the museum full of heritage of minangkabau. i think, this museum is most completed preferences if you are going to learn about minangkabau of out the book. Because i am local male citizen, so i didn’t take many photos, unlike the tourist, who always take photos on the little things and unlike my female niece, who always take a selfie photos. (its different male and female, i think)

this is new discoveries for me to know, minangkabau have its alphabet. yes its like arabic korean form.


and the other new about this museum is there is a gallery for remembering earthquake disaster in 2009, which one of neighbor was victim in that disaster. because its sad thing i didn’t take many photos.

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me in shadow





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