join the battle

well,  in post in a plate of book , i have a problem when i have to choose a book, its like i going to lose one part of my money so it will need a deep thinking, well the risk if you are the buyer. every path have its risk.


in the first line, we talk about book that cost me, 😀 its not too much anyways but if i going to maintain this hobby, i need an income ( i am still a college student ). i bought one of Kompasiana book, “Cinta Indonesia Setengah” with love logo in  the background, we can implied that love Indonesia with half-heart. of course i bought this book not because the red heart or love logo, although i said to my niece to help me to search a romantic novel. because i am still teenager, and they tend to love drama story 😀 :D, forget about previous sentence.

in this book, i was introduced with kompasiana, i just know word of “kompas”, it’s the one of our national newspaper brand, but kompasiana, i did not know anything. if you had ever seen the book before, there are too many authors and each people on one title. Yes the book is the collection of writing from many authors. Yes they are authors from kompasiana rubric. kompasiana like a blog, we are permitted to use its feature to write something, and our writing will be seen by everyone because kompasiana have a big traffic or you can say many visitor. So many people write they story in kompasiana, with topic like politic, education etc (and far away from “dear diary” thing like this blog) and give their personal viewpoints about that thing.

and today, i see the blog competition in kompasiana, and i will try to follow the competition and submit what i can do. of course i will lose.

because its a evolution and will take some time (to lose) to shine more brighter.


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