a plate of book


too distracted with other activities besides writing in this blog.

2 weeks ago, i went to a bookstore and decide to buy  a book. For me, its something new. For a man, who always hesitate to buy a book and in the end, did not buy anything. there are some reasons;

  1. im not a rich man and of course, i am not from royal family, when i saw the price tag, i was shock. Generally, the best seller book has the best price.
  2. luckily, one of the biggest bookstore on my town (re: gramedia), has cheap book section. the price is about 10k-30k rupiah. its price same as with 1-2x of my lunch. if i buy the book in fasting month, i could buy  a new book everyday. sadly, in that section, there is no something like “the best seller book”. For peoples there dont have any preference about books, they will be confused. And i was one of them.
  3. the books in this section are not a secondhand, because the books have wrapped in plastic. i guess, the book is unsold. unsold can be assumed the books have something bad,  bad cover, bad sysnopsis, bad marketing or bad date publication like the book was the best seller book but the era is passed.
  4. i am too picky and too much thinking.



rhank  you, heavy brows for grammar assistances, if still have any incorrect use of grammar, blame him.



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