look-alike (me)


okey, this is a special post, it’s not about you, not about something but me, (edited) but in the end, its not about me anymore.

first, nearly two hours, i searched in google about topic i should write in this morning post but i failed to make sure one of it.

i live in GMT +8, in Indonesia, i am writing this at 4.50 AM.

but in my head now, i am thought about look-alike. because until now, many people (that i know) says i look-alike with someone else that they know

yoga, you look-alike with my ex (it was happened  when i was in senior high school, i dont know she seriously say that or just to tease me)

yoga, you look-alike with my friend, but unfortunately he had graduation. (he was my senior in college, he showed his friend photo to me , and i didn’t think his friend look alike with me, Zzzz)

yoga, you look-alike with my friend (he is my KKN friend)

yoga, you look-alike with my friend, and he don’t like to much talk too (he is friend when i was an apprentice worker or OJT in one of plane maintenance company, yes, i am more self-contained, uncommunicative than before because i am accustomed to talk in dialect, local languages, and the conversation was happened not in my dialect)

yoga, you look-alike with our junior (all my friend from electrical engineering say that, they frequently called me with his name, name of that junior and i had met the rumored person, face-to-face. i admit we have a little similarity, resemblance)

yoga, you look-alike with my friends bf (she is my friend, and she talked about it with her bf in front of me)

i realize that people dont actually same face like me. I’m not clones and neither are they, we are not a stormtrooper in the war clones (if you have watch the star war film, you certainly know it). but they have little/some trait, face features like me. if you see them, it will remind you about me. its nice to have reminder. people will remember you when they see not you. but i am not a happy person in the world when i hear people say that i look-alike with someone else, because i know we dont have the same blood. i dont have twin, triplet, quartet brother. and i dont know a little things about him.

so i went with “google car” to “the searching area”, i looked “look-alike, similar face, why people have same face, etc” but the result was a bunch look-alike finder/search engine web in the first page.

i dont know that people is more curious to find their doppelgänger, but not the reason behind that. i often hear that we have seven people who look-alike, resemblance in this world. i am not really believe this saying;

maybe its right  because we are originated of adam and hawa (eve) DNA’s, we share the same gene pool of ancestral DNA’s and possibility of the some of same/alike DNA’s combination is become greater because we experienced a population bottleneck like noah ark, a human distinction. diversity of the DNA’s combination narrowed, floated by the great flood because too many death people and a little survivor and overpopulation is happening in this world. i had read something about pigeon hole theory in one of quora answer [1]. He/she talk about pigeonhole is one of the reason why is look-alike happen.

In mathematics, the pigeonhole principle states that if n items are put into m containers, with n > m, then at least one container must contain more than one item.

If we have 10 pigeons and have 9 holes. Since 10 is greater than 9, it says that at least one hole has more than one pigeon.[2]

thats happen if population is over than the combination. There will be at least two people who share a common feature (big nose, curly hair, etc). And with this growing overpopulation, it becomes possible to find more than one of these (alike) features appearing in certain people.

and they says lifestyle stresses can change shape, form of face, as we know facial lines contruct our face, it can leading to similarities for people which is actually dont look-alike not due to their DNA, but their facial lines. the cause alteration in our DNA’s just because of mutation.

or maybe its wrong because DNA is about thousand, million, billion combination and the DNA elites (researcher) says that, each people have their DNA combination and their differ with each other.

Humans have 46 chromosomes that contain all of the genetic information, and there are over 25,000 genes in the human genome. Genes are composed of DNA, and it is predicted that there are over 3 billion basepairs in the human genome. Humans have approximately 10 trillion cells, so if you were to line all of the DNA found in every cell of a human body it would stretch from the earth to the sun 100 times

sumber : https://www.genome.gov/dnaday/q.cfm?aid=10&year=2012

Junk DNA – referring to the part of the genome that does not encode for proteins – were originally thought to lack function. The “transcriptional enhancers” could be what switch genes on or off in different parts of the face, which might explain how one person gets a chiseled chin, and another dimples. This seemingly inoperative DNA actually “fine-tuned” the faces and skulls of mice.[3]

seem we have so many tuner in our body. tuner can becomes one of the reason why we are look-alike but, if tuner is parameter, so to have similarities within us become more complex because so many parameter to satisfy to become similar.

Scientists have even found that identical human twins exhibit different biological traits, despite their matching DNA sequences. They have theorized that such unexplained disparities could be the work of epigenetic variation.[4]

seem that twin don’t have promising to look-alike, despite their DNA is same. still we have epigenetic problem to solve. they doubt that our genes are our destiny. we have another trigger.

From bug eyes to aquiline noses, square jaws to chin dimples, no two faces are alike. That diversity may have evolved to make it easier to recognize other people. The shape and configuration of a human face are much more variable, compared with other body parts, the study found. What’s more, genes that have been linked to face structure vary more than DNA in other regions of the body. This suggests that the forces of evolution have selected for facial diversity.[5]

the most rich of DNA’ diversity is in our face.

maybe i just take a piece or a half information, not the whole information or i didn’t a deep research so in this post, we can’t decide which thing that is true. its my doing, because and i am not researcher, i dont want to dig more it can be a complicated things 😀 but if you want to dig more, its up to you.

and statement without citation is my opinion based on nothing, i am not researcher just a guesser.

“maybe we have one or two look-alike with other people but seven is too much (for me)”

and because i just want to say (my real intention in this post), its not happy things to me if i am have “look-alike” reminder. but we have to be the people that always grateful.

happy saturday

happy birthday for me


[1]  https://www.quora.com/Why-do-some-people-who-are-not-related-by-blood-look-alike

[2] https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pigeonhole_principle

[3] http://www.ibtimes.com/junk-dna-makes-human-faces-look-different-new-study-suggests-1442678

[4] https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2011/09/110916152401.htm?trendmd-shared=0

[5] http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2014/09/140916-faces-evolution-cognition-social-recognition-genetics/




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