wish to self-supporting life of wobbly boy


i live in Indonesia, a republic nation. if you’re star wars fan, republic was a good nation. its “was”. because the film have happy ending, so the new republic is born.

of course , i dont want to talk about star war, i dont know about the detail, if you’re debating with me with that stuff now, i will lose. of course all of us hate losing.

something remind me about someone intention, to build something useful when somethings emergency happen. he is a boy and he close with me. the ocean is our neighbor. if earthquake happen, the ocean will eat the land, flooding us. of course our region is prone to earthquakes because it lies at the boundary of two of Earth’s tectonic plates and there is  a volcano too. we live in ring of fire area.

when a big earthquake attacked in 2009, we lived without electricity and water. i just had nokia 3200 to fed on the mosque, because there was a diesel generator.

electricity make a huge impact for our life, our work, our social. we live depend on electricity in every aspect. we use handphone to talk with our far away relative, thank to the signals are emitted by telecommunication tower. the signal was born because resonant happen in antenna when the current flow in it with high frequency. of course data signal that we use in BBM, WA is the product of electricity.

in all that needs, we didn’t produce electricity by ourselves. we depend on government to do it.

because of that, the boy wanted to build (minimal) a handphone charger powered by solar, the boy tried to searching, comparing the best construction, and calculate the cost, but in the end, the boy didnt build it 😀 , because product of china is more cheap than the boy planned. the boy blame that baldy kungfu because they smash,ruin,tear desire, creativity because their cheap marketing strategy. of course, base nature of human is consumerism, human love the cheap thing. the boy faith to build was shaky and crumbled down by invasion of china (products).

the boy is me (in the past).

me, in reboot mode





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