a morning wolf


Good morning, good sunday

guten morgen, gut sonntag

if you walk with leg, you need energy

if you run with leg, you need will

if you write with something, you need something

this morning, i failed to build some of motivation to wake up in order to be a morning runner, to be a lone wolf on the street,to bewilder on the people who see the wolf walk in the world full it’s carbone-fuel mover and poisonous air.

the road is an veins for a city. its full of cars and motorcycles which fill the world with its blow of greyish air. but the wolf take the risk, and leave the forest and its pack, just to walk on the city to show off itself pride. the wolf care about pride.

and today, majority come along with all-nighter. they tend to live under the shine of moon, they “worship” it more than the sun. the moon change in every sun off’s.  a lone wolf not an all-nighter, because the wolf love the sunrise and afraid of the wrath of the sun. the wolf try to carve itself pride in heart all of the all-nighter.

the pride tell that,”they should love their night sleep, and be joyful when morning come”.


the wolf





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