Rodin coil dilemma

yes i have been searching about topic for my final task, final project, dissertation, thesis then i found article about rodin coil. besides google, youtube have great role to this great journey of searching.

in youtube you can find some of rodin coil video, that coil seem to have promising results. they react like the other coil but more powerful and as amateur in electromagnetic world, i think how the coil react when the current flow, its amazing. it has levitation, propulsion or anything.

and you find the pdf in google, rodin coil and their mathematic (vortex based mathematic) is claimed as leading of free energy, at least the level of efficiency is high.

Of course, that all amazing that coil can do,is reason enough for me to take that topic to my lecturer, i hope he would give me an impression, wisdom or anything but he just nodded and told me to bring full of my report because i just submit a printed-pdf that i found in google.

okay, i was full of spirit, i started to dive as deep i can in this journey of searching (maybe the word is too exaggerate :D), started to download program Ansys and Comsol in somewhere :# , started to search material as much as possible. but while you are stunned by the video and then you should see the comment about the videos, so many pro and contra.sadly, there is no up date for rodin coil article, i discover the latest article is about 2010. so many forum say that rodin coil just a fluff, false science “pseudoscience”, too exaggerate but in reality that the common transformer/inductor thing. yes i am amateur and need more faith. and journal source like IEEE and other, rodin coil is null in their library. No one was trying to explore that since 2010 or maybe 2001? its something suspicious ._.


So i wondered, what am i going to do is something vain? i delayed to give my full report to my lecturer because i need time to gain more material because i didn’t sure enough.

time passed so fast, one of my friend graduated one by one, and i? of course i still didn’t drive away my doubtness. because its topic is too much attract my attention, i didn’t want search another topic. Maybe i am too loyal person, monogamy 😀 or i am too stuck and hard to move on?

and yesterday, i found the new topic “energy harvester”. am i going alright? or …..


poor of me






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