writing (the art) in the club!

in today nite, me and my cousin busy with ourselves task, me with the blog problem and his with english task in a small shop near the road.

Welcome to our club

and tonite we will talk about art…

seni, seni adalah beauty (keindahan), namun seni adalah hal yang kompleks, ribet, subyektif, perspektif.


statistics showing that only 2% of people by fine art and only 5% buy functional art.

sumber : http://www.artbeyondcanvas.com/13-reasons-why-people-buy-art/

and usually, art is expensive.

art is not something you can eat, it not something can produce an oxigen for our lung, or something can prevent your body from virus or bactery? and why should art is labelled with the high prices?

yes i dont know how to answer it because i am not an art collector but in this writing, i just wondering, why is that happen?

if you google-ing “why people should buy an art” you will find the answer.

but clearly i think i dont want to be one of that person, i mean the buyer.

my teacher in junior high school says art make life better or you can say that the art is life itself.

so why need to buy an art if an art is so important? why not we produce our art, its convenience to make it rather than buy it?

if we buy it, it just fulfill visual needs if we make it, how bad is it, it’s still store some memory in it. how dirty we are when give a colour, how sweaty when you sculpt it. when you try and try and make trash again, work together with you beloved and laugh with each other (if you have it :D), if art is life itself, make it worthy, make it is a reason to make life better.

think about the feedback. because life is closed-loop system, what you are now because the feedback what you did before.

IMG_20160410_102022the sight of the road when the sun is up

edit : direvisi berkali-kali :3 terlalu nyampah


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