Bulletproof Adventure (In sarasah)

Happy Friday (again)

Just now,  my wordpress app for pc is crashing when i tried to write this post

And this is a second “hello Friday” which i was writing Today :3

Today, lets write about something smell like bulletproof, because today i am in “bulletproof” mode. Maybe some of you wondering why i have one of abilities of the man of steel. Because-

Today, i just drink something they say bulletproof, yes they are named bulletproof coffee. So this-

Today, i feel the heart beating more faster than usually does. If you want ask me what the recipe, i just mix a coffee and butter, that all my buls** about sticky bulletproof thing, but if you are committed to know about it, you will find many preferences about that coffee in the google.


you see, how sticky the bulletproof coffee i made

Let end about bulletproof things,

My story on this post is about how tired i am when i tried to go to Sarasah. If you are a RPG lover, sarasah is a dungeon with three floor. Unfortunately, i forgot to memorize all the floor in a photograph. When i tried to “struggle” with this Sarasah, the day was rain. So, I was in “hard” (difficulty) dungeon mode.

So what interesting about this dungeon? I not sure to say but if you are bloody sweaty challenger so this dungeon is for you. Because you have jo climb-jump-grip, so today my leg still feel crap.


This the boss from the first floor of Sarasah

This is the list monster when i struggled in this dungeon in the rain condition.

rocky-bumpy, its a common if you are in mountain dungeon, alongside the soil, the rocky is the earth clan, if you think they are your friend, think again because if you are not a skillful rider, the dangerous is with you.

wet-grass, the corrupted grass. One upon a time, the grass is peaceful creatures, but it change when water slime strikes them (when the day is rain). So they are trap with the slippery abilities, if you are light-minded, you will be knockout by them.

water slime, a water clan, they live in the river, because we took the route alongside the river, we will encounter this clan many times. But if the day is rain, water slime assimilate with the soil and the “mud” is coming in your way.

mud crawler, this creatures can lower your defense armor specifically in your boot armor, your path will be slippery dangerous way .

bloodsucker (leech), is a common creatures if you are in the forest. If you see how they move, you will think they as little brother of venom (spider-man enemy), and yes they will suck your blood until you dry of it.

And many more creatures~


this is some of challenger alongside me to conquer this dungeon

So this the final report of me about sarasah~

but you can read the completed story about sarasah in this web or google it





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